V2 cigs regulations


While the next public health law could prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in certain public places, the market for “vapers” like the V2 cigs is growing on the Internet. This is called a booming market each month on internet, 10 new electronic cigarette brands and 240 new flavors emerge, according to a study published on Tuesday in the American Medical Journal of Tobacco Control.

By studying only the English-language sites, US researchers have discovered the existence of 466 brands and 7764 flavors available on the internet in January 2014. Comparing the situation at the start of the study in August 2012, researchers could show that 10.5 242 new brands and new flavors averagely appeared every month.

Among the most popular flavors, the study mentions the fruity and chocolate flavors, but also those with a taste for alcohol or snacks. But while the oldest brands like V2 cigs put forward the healthier side of the e-cigarette and its contribution to stopping smoking, new brands place more emphasis on models and aromas. “It seems that the new brands do not want to be compared to cigarettes which are associated with the cancer picture,” said Shu-Hong Zhu, director of the Centre for Research on Tobacco San Diego (USA), one of authors of the study.
Advocates of e-cigarettes like V2 electronic cigarettes feel that it is useful in the fight against smoking, accused of being responsible for six million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Health authorities in most countries, however, remain cautious, noting that the long-term impact of the use of the electronic cigarette is unknown.

Another study published in Tobacco Control reported for its part that some 29 million Europeans have tested the electronic cigarette. The vast majority of them were smokers or people wishing to quit smoking as well as young people aged 15 to 24 years. The opponents to the e-cigarette dread it can become a gateway to tobacco for the youth but this is not true especially for V2 cigs.

The new law to strengthen the fight against smoking, adopted at the end of November at the National Assembly, has not left people that happy. Since they can no longer test the product in their shop, electronic cigarettes traders fear that smokers who wish to transit to vapers throw in the towel and return to the traditional cigarette.

Traders interviewed by Le Journal de Lévis are unanimous: the electronic cigarette industry lacks supervision. Until the adoption of the new anti-smoking law, no rule prevented them from selling to minors, although V2 electronic cigarettes and others gave themselves this restriction, and agree that vaping in public places like bars and restaurants can be disturbing.
These, however, deplore the new marketing restrictions, which are much more severe than what they expected. Now any form of smoke is banned from electronic cigarettes in shops, which notably prevents customers to taste the different flavors on site. “This is really the main element. All tastes are in nature, and if we cannot test the flavors, one must choose one at random. If they do not like it, people will put it in a drawer and go back to the traditional cigarette,” says the owner of Vapeking Lévis, Francis Labonté.

Jean-Christophe Ouellet, the Vapoclub Lévis thinks in the same direction. “You could almost spend half an hour with a new client. Finding the right flavor is paramount, as is making sure that they understand the functioning of the electronic cigarette. We want smokers to quit smoking, but it is safe for them, if it’s too complicated, there will be frequent abandonment,” he notes.

Same story for Michel Perreault, who now finds it “difficult” to advise clients on the product that best suits them.

The new anti-smoking law enforces for secure electronic cigarette the same rules as the traditional cigarette, both banning vapers in institutions and public places for the rules on advertising.

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