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Looking for a V2 cigs coupon code to save money while gaining back your health, you’ve come to the right place. V2 eCig is one of the most oldest and trusted electronic cigarette companies out there and they have various discounts for their products.

These v2 coupons are regularly updated and we list new ones that we come across.

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How To Use V2 Promo Codes

Once you find your suitable v2 cigs coupon code, you will first need to choose which product that you wish to order. Select the flavor and the strength and then add to your shopping cart. If applicable to your order, select the color, length and switch type and click the “next” button. Then follow the prompts until you see the green button labeled “Proceed to Checkout”. You will be taken to the payment page and here is where you can apply the code to redeem it. Look for the text (it is rather small) at the bottom that reads “Have a V2 cig coupon” and then click it and enter in the supplied code. See the image below. After you redeem the it, the discount will be instantly applied to your order. You can also get significant savings on the starter kits, cartridge and various nicotine flavors. Sometimes a special offer is made for V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7. Don’t forget to check out our straight talk promo code page for even more savings.

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V2 Review

V2 eCigs is owned and operated by VMR Products, LLC. They service both the Americas and the European Union. That totals up to their products being sold in over 30 countries world-wide. The company was founded in 2009 and grew rapidly over the next 5 years. V2 leads the industry in the fact that they design and test their own products, based on feedback from their (very) active community. The users of the product help make it great by leaving feedback on what they like and don’t like about it. The owners of the company then take that feedback into consideration when improving on the design, reliability and safety of the product. They set a high commitment to excellence and it shows in both their products, and the loyal customers who return to V2 time and time again, of course returning customers get a special v2 cig coupon for their loyalty.

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  • Reliable and well-built product.
  • One of the oldest eCig companies out there.
  • Huge customer fan-base.
  • Wide selection of ecigs, flavors and other accessories.


  • Need to order by mail. This can take a few days for shipping. So be sure to stock up with every order.



Customer Questions and Answers

What is an eCig?

An ecig is an abbreviation for the term “Electronic Cigarette”. The ecig is a mechanical device that is operated by a battery. Liquid (that contains Propylene glycol) is poured into the device and a heating element heads the liquid until it forms a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the user of the ecig, and a pre-determined dose of nicotine is delivered to the user.

Are ecigs safe?

Generally speaking, yes. The FDA and other agencies have done extensive studies and have shown that when used properly (as per manufacturer recommendations), it is safe. Non-medical inhalation of anything into your system always carries a risk, however the risk is moot compared to the risk of actual tobacco smoke inhalation.

How safe is it compared to smoking actual cigarettes?

It is safer by a huge magnitude. Cigarettes contain carcinogens and other harmful chemicals and additives. Not to mention the damage done to your lungs and throat.

Do V2 e-Cigs cost more or less than actual cigarettes?

It depends on how much you smoke. If you are a heavy smoker, then yes you will save a substantial amount of money. If you are a light smoker, and just bought a V2 vaporizer, then it might be a while before you realize the actual savings, due to the upfront cost of the mechanism and E-liquid.

Is it legal to smoke an ecig on an airplane or out in public?

Check the ordinances with the city you are in. Different cities have different rules. Some cities have banned them from public gathering spots (such as bars and outdoor public spaces). Other cities have no such laws on their books.

Does vaping cause cancer?

We cannot say for certain, but several studies have reported that the risk is very minimal. What is needed is more time to pass then scientists and medical doctors will know for sure.

Are they used to quit smoking?

Yes and no. Some people have successfully used them to help wean themselves off cigarettes. This is more psychological due to the learned activity of putting an actual cigarette up to your mouth. A true smoking cessation program should only be administered by your doctor, so they can monitor your performance.

What is “Vape 4 Free”?

It is a rewards loyalty program. The more you shop, the more points you earn. These points can be redeemed for free e-liquid or other items. This program in and of itself contributes to the lower cost of vaping, as compared to smoking normal cigarettes.

How long does e-liquid last?

This really depends on how much you vape. If you find yourself vaping every hour on the hour, it’s not going to last as long as vaping every few hours. Either way, the total cost breaks down to much cheaper than what you would pay for a normal pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Do you have any Vapour 2 coupons?

V2 cigs just rebranded themselves to “Vapour 2”. The “V2” codes we have above will definitely work for “Vapour 2”. Nothing has changed but the brand name.

Do you have any 20% discount?

Yes, each one of the items listed above will save you 20% off your purchase.

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping usually takes only a few days to get to your home or residence. You can opt to upgrade for overnight shipping, but it’s going to be very expensive.

Top 10 V2 Cig Products

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best selling products on the V2 ecigs website. We surveyed over 1,000 people who claimed to have purchased products from V2 in the past year. The results were surprising as there was a clear preference between people who are new to vaping versus those who have been vaping for a year or more.

  1. V2 Standard Kit
    Price: $54.95This is without a doubt the most popular product of all time. Every year millions of people switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping. Studies have shown that the first purchase is usually over the internet, and 75% of the time it’s with V2. The standard kit comes with all you need to begin your vaping adventures. It comes with batteries and a 10pack of V2 Red eliquid. You get to choose from different colors, switch types and length of the vaping device.
  2. V2 Standard E-Liquid KitPrice: $79.95The V2 e-Liquid kit is at a slightly higher price point than the standard kit. It comes with twice as much e-liquid and you get to choose your own flavors. You can also choose between different lengths of the device, colors and 1 of 2 switch types, manual or automatic. This is the 2nd most popular starter kit for people who are new to vaping.
  3. V2 Ultimate KitPrice: $149.95The ultimate in luxury. The Mercedes Benz of vaping starter kits. If you don’t do things half-assed in life, then this is the kit you need to buy. It comes with all of the items that the standard and standard e-liquid kit come with and more. 3 batteries, 25 e-liquid flavor cartridges, and your choice of any flavor that they carry. This in actuality is the best deal for the money. Yes, you will pay more up front, but you get almost 10x more than you would had you gone with the $54.99 starter kit. People who are wise with their money choose this kit.
  4. V2 Pro Series 7 Vape PenPrice: $169.99If the Cadillac is the best luxury car made in America, than the Pro Series 7 Vape Pen is the best luxury pen made in America. As with all products, they are made in their Ohio factory and sold/distributed from the Florida offices/warehouse. The pen allows you to use 3 mediums: e-liquid, loose leafs and wax. For the discerning connoisseur, there is no better vape pen on the market.
  5. V2 PRO Series 3Price: $59.99If the Series 7 is the Cadillac of the vape pens made in America, then the Series 3 is the Lincoln Towncar. Still made in America….still a high quality device….just not as many bells and whistles as the 7 series. However, this is still the #5 rated product sold on V2. The reason people buy it is due to the relative low cost as well as the features being way better than other manufacturer’s brands.
  6. V2 Power-Cig KitPrice: $24.95Rounding up #6 on our list is the V2 power-cig kit. Its main feature is that it comes with a vape pen that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. The main type of people that buy this product are those who spend a lot of time in their cars. From truckers to delivery drivers to the soccer mom who moonlights as a taxi service. The cost of the kit is also very reasonable.
  7. V2 Standard Cig (79 mm)Price: $14.95This battery is the most popular battery around. You can choose a custom color and switch type (automatic or manual). It allows for around 200 puffs until it runs out. Due to cost, people sometimes use a coupon code and then buy in bulk. Considering each cig requires around 10-15 tokes it will last you around 30 days, give or take.
  8. V2 Portable Charging Case XLPrice: $59.95The portable charging case is great for those who find themselves constantly traveling or in different areas during different parts of the day. Students love this product as they can recharge their vape pen inside their backpack while in class or walking from classroom to class room.
  9. V2 iPhone CasePrice: $12.95The iPhone case comes with a plastic attachment that securely holds your vape pen. At this time, it only fits an iPhone5 or iPhone 5S. It does not recharge your device, but it does protect your iPhone from damage or scratches.
  10. 400 Puff V2 Cigs Disposables (5-Pack)Price: $23.96Last but most certainly not least is the 400 puff disposable 5 pack. This is a great way for heavy vapers to get their fix on a daily basis without spending an arm and a leg. 400 puffs will last the heavy smoker about 1 month and the casual smoker around 2-3 months. The products do not expire, but it is highly recommended to use them before the 1 year deadline.


The market for ecigs in America is highly competitive. With not much government regulation, it is wise to steer clear of unknown ecig makers and manufacturers. A quick Google search for “ecig companies” will show you that V2 is one of the most popular and trusted eCig companies out there. They have been in business for over 5 years and have established a customer base that extends into the millions. The selection of the products is wide and varied. They even have a “couture” brand for female smokers who are fashion conscious. As the market continues to grow, V2 will stand out in front of the rest due to their allowance of the usage of coupon codes.


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