Quitting Smoking With V2 cigs


To really stop smoking and become a non-smoker, one must understand the clear benefits that can be achieved. We all know vaguely that smoking is bad for health, worsens our outward appearance, and makes us spend a lot of money and so on. The numerous damages that are associated with smoking can gradually disappear from the time when it stops, and turn into benefits: you will be healthier, spend less money, and seem younger.

Yet all this is not enough to ensure that one’s decision to quit is effective until the end. One must wonder why one wants to quit smoking, what are the benefits that one wants to get? This may seem like a silly question. Certainly one knows why one wants to quit: smoking harms your health and costs money. But unfortunately, this is not enough. V2 cigs can give you the buffer you need while you decide on quitting smoking. You can even find a  V2 cigs coupon code to keep the costs down when trying to quit smoking.

One’s enemy, nicotine, is very clever and powerful. One shouldn’t just have vague reasons, otherwise one capitulate at the first hurdle. The problem is not to identify why one should stop, but why one wants to stop. Only truly and valid reasons can encourage one enough, only the benefits that are important to one’s life are a great help to stop really. The solution would be to take things step by step and V2 electronic cigarettes are a great way to gradually lessen your nicotine intake.

For example I might say, “You should stop smoking because smoking causes cancer.” And this is the truth and it is also a very good reason. But one could answer me by saying: “It’s true, but I smoked for 15 years and I’m all right, I love enjoying daily joys and leave tomorrow to its problems.”

Personally I think that is a reckless attitude, but this is my opinion. If this really was one’s thought, my every effort to convince him/her of the contrary would be futile. And the reason “must stop because smoking causes cancer” despite being valid and true, would not be an adequate reason for him/her.

One’s reason could be another, such as “I want to quit because of the comments of my children on smoking, I am embarrassed to my friends.” This could really be a valid reason for the person. Only if reason it is important precisely for someone, will it really help in one’s fight against nicotine.

Negative consequences of smoking and nicotine

You must have the reasons and benefits very clear in your mind. It’s still useful to be reminded of the risks run by continuing to smoke. Bear in mind that V2 electronic cigarettes greatly reduce most of the following risks and hazards associated with smoking:
Personal health: You have a 25% chance of dying before age 65, exactly twice as much as non-smokers. If you continue to smoke, the risk of dying during the next year is one and a half times greater than a non-smoker.

Cancer: Smoking greatly increases the risk of developing cancer. Smokers may develop lung cancer and cancer of the throat, mouth, lips, breasts, vagina, testes and prostate. When one stops, the risk is reduced gradually. After 10 years it is similar to that of someone who has never smoked. The nicotine content in V2 cigs can be adjusted to make sure you reduce the risk.
Lungs: When smokers inhale thousands of poisons, many of which are deposited in the lung. We have so many consequences. The ability of pulmonary gas exchange decreases.

This means that it becomes less able to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. At rest, it is not obvious but when it gets under stress, the bronchioles (the finer branches of the bronchial tubes) are blocked. This causes the resulting collapse of the alveoli (tiny air sacs in the lung). The progressive destruction of these structures causes the lungs forming larger and larger “holes” and gradually undergoes an irreversible condition called emphysema. At this point, the lung is no longer capable of providing oxygen to the body so we move towards the dependence on the oxygen cylinder. V2 cigs do not burn and there won’t be carcinogens in your cigarettes.

The mechanism of self-cleansing of the lungs is destroyed: the microciglia system. Consequently, every germ, dust or particle being breathed can no longer be eliminated. Mucus tends to accumulate in the bronchi and the body tries to eliminate it through coughing.