New V2 Cigs regulation for 2016

There are plenty of new laws regarding the usage and manufacture of v2 cigs for 2016. The majority of the local usage laws deal with municipalities outright banning consumption or usage of ecigs in public places. Some cities have taken it a step further and banned them all together. The v2 cigs industry itself is fighting back against these unfair rules and laws. They charge that the main proponent of the new anti-ecig laws are tobacco companies who stand to lose billions of dollars every year on people who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and instead switch over to vaping. They charge that these lobbyists are using backroom deals with local mayors and city councils to get them to ban vaping and make it harder for the consumer to not only buy them (by attempting to regulate vaping stores) but hard for the consumer to use while in public.

The other laws that are expected to be on the books, if not a hot political topic are the safety of e cigarettes. More specifically, the manufacture and sale of them which can lead to major health issues. A recent study came out in 2015 that suggested that vaping units that used too high of a voltage caused the “eliquid” to metabolize into unsafe formaldehyde. Pretty much everyone who is using a very high voltage on their ecig is inhaling 10-20x the amount of formaldehyde that they would have gotten with a normal tobacco cigarette.

The industry as a whole welcomes these changes, as major manufacturers such as V2 and Blucigs already adhere to stringent and safe manufacturing processes. V2 is built here in America vs. the other ones like v2 cigs that you find on eBay and some more unscrupulous brick-and-mortar vape shops. The other ones are made in China and they are notorious for putting out not only unsafe products, but willfully doing it in such a way that they are deceiving the American consumer into believing that their products are safe to use.

As 2016 rolls along, we will see many more scientific studies come out, as well as lawmakers who are proposing even more regulatory laws for not only the ecig manufacturers, but the end users as well. One thing is for sure, “big tobacco” companies are losing millions of potential customers every year to vaping and they are not too happy about it. So they have been lobbying pretty hard over the past few years to get lawmakers to not only outright ban eCigs, but criminalize vaping as well.

There are already horror stories in the news about people who have been harmed with intentionally tampered with ecgis. Such as a man who had to have his jaw wired shut due to his V2 cig exploding. Or another man who had an unfortunate accident wherein his V2 pen exploded in his pants, causing a huge hole in his underwear. As more and more of these incidents get reported in the news, will lawmakers and parents finally crack down on the ecig craze, or will the get smart and go after the manufacturers of unsafe devices?

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