Evolution of Straight Talk Technology

When mobile phones and cell phones, in the relatively distant 1990, were launched for the first time on the market, they did not have the extremely small size that have now and were also of insignificant weight. At first they were quite large and heavy to carry around. But in this field the electronics and service providers like Stright Talk made great strides passing within a few years the old tacs network, based on an analog transmission system, to the far more powerful digital network gsmumts before and after with considerable enlargement of the technological possibilities, from sending text messages sms and mms prior to the possibility of video calls to other users, watching television with video phones and surf the internet with the latest generation of smartphones.

The specific absorption rate or SAR is a value that indicates the power level absorbed by radio frequencies by the human body as it is exposed for a time longer or shorter to an electromagnetic field. At lower values ​​of Sar it has a lower heating of tissues that guarantees a lower risk to health. A purchased mobile phones is a well-established habit for years involving more and more people. When they came out with the first models in the second half of 1990 mobile phones prices were very high and not yet exist rechargeable formulas, consumers was forced to enter into a subscription agreement with the wireless carrier. But today, Consumers have the right to choose their service providers. And not surprisingly, most of the consumers choose Straight Talk, because of their great deals.

The technology was initially analog type tacs. With this system, the transmissions in each radio cell occurred at different frequencies to enable the coexistence of adjacent cells, but there were various limitations including that of being able to convey at the same time, by each radio station, only a limited number of telephone calls making it impossible to make calls during peak traffic times. Also you could not have, in addition to voice communications, additional services such as sending SMS, fax and email. But today companieslike Straight Talk- a leading network provider is paving the way of smartphone use and networks.

Also there was a high risk of mobile phone cloning by altering the identification code and phone calls could be made in that particular area. After a few years they were launched on the market, the first mobile gsm phone entered. The prices of gsm mobile phones often vary downward as a result of new UMTS phones with more and new features that cause discounts phones on models considered outdated. Most of the network were also horrible and calls could only be made at certain ‘points’. Today, Straight Talk, which is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits, can be used from anywhere in the world.

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