V2 Cigs Conspiracy Theory


In recent weeks the ads for electronic cigarettes like the V2 electronic cigarette has bloomed in the French mass media. TV, radio, press, billboards have all been involved. But who is behind these unknown brands of vapers, of which there is no product in specialty stores, and yet seem to have millions for their advertisements? The answer is Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco. While more than a million French people have managed to get out of tobacco through “free and independent” products, multinationals of death by inches stretch their claws to try to recover their flock, at least to quell the trend of smokers continuing to escape the habit. But in France, it does not work! The average consumer seems to eschew tobacco industry products.

Why? Many reasons:

First, manufacturers are naturally based on their historical distribution network as tobacconists. Unfortunately marketers, not only do not understand the product, but they mostly have no desire to sell it. The cigarette is much simpler, faster and more profitable. For older smokers, especially the young people, the electronic cigarette like V2 cigs are more interesting than conventional cigarettes (too expensive, too cumbersome).

Second, the network of shops specializing in vapers developed in France, and consumers rather succumb to the reflex to go and get good advice. Perhaps also a symbolic way to quit smoking by not setting foot with the tobacconist.

Third, because with a few clicks on the Internet, it is very easy to find forums, blogs or Facebook’s vapers groups. There, the neophyte will quickly explain that tobacco industry products are too expensive, poor in quality, and it is better, in fact, go to a specialty store to find innovative and efficient equipment, liquids of superior quality and at the right price. Ensuing will be exchanges to properly use the equipment, master the techniques, sharing of experience. For help to stop smoking, really something that V2 cigs are designed for.
The tobacco industry is thus breaking teeth on the French market. Millions of advertising investment does not seem to change things.

The Nanny State to the rescue: why and how?

It’s pretty surreal, but the French government does not seem to appreciate the development of the vaper, much less what happens outside the “tobacco system” with “independent” economic actors. Cynics explain that smokers are needed to balance the budget; 14 billion per year. The greedy remember that the business of cancer is handsomely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry and some research centers. Fewer smokers mean fewer cancer patients. Philosophers philosophize on the frustration of the elites not to be the cause of the limitation of a finally effective, or worse, on the unacceptability that pleasure can replace price of suffering to pay (usually) to stop smoking.

Still, whatever the reasons, it was decided up there, quickly restrain the development of the electronic cigarette like the V2 cigs, and since it is now too late to prohibit it to entrust the residual trade in the tobacco industry. It is hoped in the medium term to re-channel the market, probably for better control and taxing. For some smoky brains, vapers may be a form of compensation for the industry and tobacconists, if tobacco sales were to fall one day.
The maneuver is simple enough to understand. It is based on measurements on the electronic cigarette in the new legislation to modernize our health system. Based on an assumption, considering the vaper as a tobacco product. From this incredible lie, anything goes.

Advertising bans and prohibition of “propaganda” (forums, blogs, social networks) or how to stifle independent actors, discernment and the user experience. The ban on vapers in the office and in public spaces will not only hide the better nature of vapers for smokers, incidentally, some ex-smokers will return to smoking, the direct opposite of the aim of electronic cigarettes like the V2 cigs.

The government will also enact the transposition of Directive European tobacco, a text written under the dictation of the tobacco industry and regulates the products in limiting performance, capacities and distribution methods. Provisions that correspond exactly with the types of outdated and inefficient products that are desperately trying to sell tobacco giants with their advertisements.

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