V2 Cigs vs. Tobacco Cigarettes


Is it too late to stop the harmful effects of smoking on health? You may be worried, and rightly so, about the negative health effects of smoking on your body. Most people do not plan on smoking. For many users, smoking is more addictive than heroin, according to some studies, once cigarettes get their hooks into you, it’s too late. But not really. There is still hope and you can quit by using V2 electronic cigarettes.

Once you know the truth, it’s just too damn hard to stop your smoking habit. What makes us want to sacrifice our health? When you take a deep drag on your cigarette and the sweet smoke goes into every little corner of the lungs, what does that do for you? Here’s the real story about smoking and your body.

A little known fact is that smoking cigarettes is actually just as bad for the cardiovascular system as it is for the lungs. You could easily die of smoking caused lung cancer or emphysema, but it is the heart and the circulatory system that feel the effects of smoking the fastest.
From the first puff, nicotine and other 4,000 chemicals begin affecting the physiology of your body, speeding up the heart and raising blood pressure. It causes the blood vessels surrounding the heart to become stickier. This increases the workload on the heart and increases the risk of cardiac arrest. V2 cigs do not produce smoke and all these thousands of harmful chemicals.
Stroke is another serious risk caused by smoking cigarettes. According to the CDC, one of the most rapid effects of smoking is that it greatly reduces blood flow to the extremities. In fact, smokers are at risk of having limbs amputated because of circulation problems that are created by their smoke! This is not very common, but in no way unheard of either.

The poisons in cigarette smoke cause the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels, causing the hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. The arteries become inflamed and the result can be heart attack or stroke. According to the report of the Surgeon General, smoking also contributes to 43,000 deaths each year from congestive heart failure. This is a condition in which the heart fails to pump enough blood to the supply of body tissues. If it sounds horrible, it is. This is yet another reason to quit smoking and at least switch to V2 cigs.

What about the link between smoking and cancer? Lung cancer causes more cancer deaths than any other cancer, and guess what ‘the CDC thinks is responsible for 90% of deaths from lung cancer? If you guessed cigarettes then you are on the right track. In 2004, 157 thousand people died of this killer, so a little ‘math reveals that over 140,000 deaths from lung cancer were caused by cigarettes. Even John Wayne, a chronic two pack a day smoker, died of lung cancer. No smoker is immune from the terrible effects of smoking. V2 cigs have been designed to help you overcome this habit. On zip2save.com, we have a special v2 coupon code which you can use to save up to 10%. V2 can surely help you quit smoking.

The US Surgeon reported below as the worst health problems caused by cigarettes in the United States:

  • Lung Cancer – 123,000 people suffering from the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on health. Annual deaths from smoking-related Chronic Lung Disease – 91,000 smoking-related deaths per year
  • CHD – 87,000 smoking related deaths yearly
  • Cancer (not lung cancer) – 35,000 annual deaths from smoking
  • Stroke – 17,000 annual deaths from smoking-related illnesses
  • Other causes – 85000 annual smoking-related deaths.

Even a brain dead fool can prove that cigarette smoking is a health hazard and a murderess. All body systems are taken, with the heart, lungs and circulatory system experiencing the greatest problems. There is good news, however, for smokers. In just two weeks some of the negative health effects of smoking begins to dissipate, and after 15 years the mortality rate of smokers and ex-smoker is virtually identical. For smokers, it’s never too late to quit. There is always V2 cigs.

You can find out the secret to quit smoking. Even better, you can become a non-smoker forever. You can get out of the habit quickly and permanently, if you know how. We reveal how others have left, and you can easily follow in their footsteps, and stop smoking forever and this is by no other means than through V2 electronic cigarettes.

V2 cigs regulations


While the next public health law could prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in certain public places, the market for “vapers” like the V2 cigs is growing on the Internet. This is called a booming market each month on internet, 10 new electronic cigarette brands and 240 new flavors emerge, according to a study published on Tuesday in the American Medical Journal of Tobacco Control.

By studying only the English-language sites, US researchers have discovered the existence of 466 brands and 7764 flavors available on the internet in January 2014. Comparing the situation at the start of the study in August 2012, researchers could show that 10.5 242 new brands and new flavors averagely appeared every month.

Among the most popular flavors, the study mentions the fruity and chocolate flavors, but also those with a taste for alcohol or snacks. But while the oldest brands like V2 cigs put forward the healthier side of the e-cigarette and its contribution to stopping smoking, new brands place more emphasis on models and aromas. “It seems that the new brands do not want to be compared to cigarettes which are associated with the cancer picture,” said Shu-Hong Zhu, director of the Centre for Research on Tobacco San Diego (USA), one of authors of the study.
Advocates of e-cigarettes like V2 electronic cigarettes feel that it is useful in the fight against smoking, accused of being responsible for six million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Health authorities in most countries, however, remain cautious, noting that the long-term impact of the use of the electronic cigarette is unknown.

Another study published in Tobacco Control reported for its part that some 29 million Europeans have tested the electronic cigarette. The vast majority of them were smokers or people wishing to quit smoking as well as young people aged 15 to 24 years. The opponents to the e-cigarette dread it can become a gateway to tobacco for the youth but this is not true especially for V2 cigs.

The new law to strengthen the fight against smoking, adopted at the end of November at the National Assembly, has not left people that happy. Since they can no longer test the product in their shop, electronic cigarettes traders fear that smokers who wish to transit to vapers throw in the towel and return to the traditional cigarette.

Traders interviewed by Le Journal de Lévis are unanimous: the electronic cigarette industry lacks supervision. Until the adoption of the new anti-smoking law, no rule prevented them from selling to minors, although V2 electronic cigarettes and others gave themselves this restriction, and agree that vaping in public places like bars and restaurants can be disturbing.
These, however, deplore the new marketing restrictions, which are much more severe than what they expected. Now any form of smoke is banned from electronic cigarettes in shops, which notably prevents customers to taste the different flavors on site. “This is really the main element. All tastes are in nature, and if we cannot test the flavors, one must choose one at random. If they do not like it, people will put it in a drawer and go back to the traditional cigarette,” says the owner of Vapeking Lévis, Francis Labonté.

Jean-Christophe Ouellet, the Vapoclub Lévis thinks in the same direction. “You could almost spend half an hour with a new client. Finding the right flavor is paramount, as is making sure that they understand the functioning of the electronic cigarette. We want smokers to quit smoking, but it is safe for them, if it’s too complicated, there will be frequent abandonment,” he notes.

Same story for Michel Perreault, who now finds it “difficult” to advise clients on the product that best suits them.

The new anti-smoking law enforces for secure electronic cigarette the same rules as the traditional cigarette, both banning vapers in institutions and public places for the rules on advertising.

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Straight Talk for Refugees

With a provocative title, The Independent disassembles one of clichés that is making greater inroads among the indignations of the last hour: what unites the migrants to their home state? A possession of a mobile phone.

The equation, in 2015, not back geopolitically or economically or logically. The men and women who arrive these days are mostly refugees, not immigrants. They are people who have fled a war, even before it, by poverty, and all census and social backgrounds. Among them are unemployed but also doctors, engineers, construction workers and skilled workers. In their country of origin they had a house, a TV and a mobile phone. They saw the destroyed house, left under the rubble the TV and brought the phone. From the standpoint of economic, the latter is now a well within the reach of almost all social classes. We take Syrian refugees , they come from a country classified by the World Bank as low-middle ”from the economic point of view, so poor. A country where there are 87 phones per 100 inhabitants and where the average income is $ 1,850 a year.”

Sacrifices for a phone: To buy a Smartphone equipped with the Android system cost about $ 100 on average. Should they set aside 5% of its annual income: it is a sacrifice certainly not impossible and would gladly be willing by almost everyone. Which brings us to the second aspect, that of logic. The mobile phone, even the latest generation, is no longer a luxury item, but a primary one, for which the citizens of the world are ready to sacrifice other expenditures.

Connected through phone: The phone has become, for refugees and for us alike, a necessary good for the conduct of our lives. Thanks to that and Straight Talk network, the migrants remain connected to the world that they were forced to leave behind; They discover the land that is hosting them and maintain contact with the family who have left.

Need of a better service: Immigration 2.0, made ​​up of WhatsApp groups among the refugees to exchange tips for the crossing, controlled routes on Facebook and Skype calls at home. “Every time I go to a new country, I buy a sim card and active Internet to surf on the maps. One of the things that bother me the most is when the battery gets low”, says Osama Aljasem to the New York Times, which reported of the new Syrian and Iraqi refugees’ immigration needs, needs which even the humanitarian organizations are adapting.

Thus, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has distributed 33,000 Straight Talk SIM cards to Syrian refugees in Jordan and 85,000 small lamps that can also be used for charging. Why Straight Talk? Because Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits. German stations have also offered areas to recharge their mobiles.

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Straight Talk in Europe

The pollution from non-ionizing radiation(RNI), better known as electrosmog, it has become a topical subject as a result of the proliferation of mobile phone masts in the area. In actually this is not a new phenomenon: the RNI they are closely related to electricity and object of study from the first half of 1900. The health effects, however, are still poorly understood. At the moment therefore it applies a principle of precaution, that is to say that you encourage technologies low emission and aims to reduce, As far as possible, the exposure of the population the RNI. The State ensures the continuous monitoring RNI of the territory.

The results, as well as the land registry of mobile radio antennas, are consulted on Virtually the entire population is exposed to RNI, however, the intensity is not excessive The NIR sources are many: mobile phones and their antennas, broadcast stations for radio and TV, the lines for the transmission of electricity, radar equipment and many electrical appliances common use (television, radio, computers, microwave etc.). Since the intensity of the NIR decreases exponentially with increasing distance, the majority of the population is exposed to intensive RNI judged weak.

A survey found out that In Switzerland there are 125 Straight Talk phone subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants. Currently it is fixed and mobile telephony is still complementary. The figures, however, show one users move towards mobile telephony. In 1990 in Switzerland, there were about 125,000 mobile phone subscriptions, amounting to 1.8 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. In 2011 there are about 9.98 million for a population of about 7,950,000 inhabitants, so widely surpassing the share of a SIM card. The development of the Straight Talk network GSM2 has already reached the last phase, plant optimization. The construction of Straight Talk mobile networks grows from urban centers to the most remote and isolated areas. After the initial stage of construction and densification of plants, switching to that of the optimization existing installations. The Straight Talk GSM network has reached from time the last stage and the number of stations has in fact stabilized. The trend now is to make the plants suitable to accommodate future technologies, primarily the 4G next technology implementation.

The volume of growth of Straight talk’s plants UMTS4  and mixed GSM / UMTS has quickly surpassed that GSM Since 2000, Straight Talk operators are able to provide services UMTS at least 50% of the population Switzerland. With this technology, the Straight Talk mobile network will soon develop further, ensuring data transfer rates comparable to those fixed line (to date one of the determining criteria for the maintenance of a connection fixed network). The first data show a rapid development of these plants.

Evolution of Straight Talk Technology

When mobile phones and cell phones, in the relatively distant 1990, were launched for the first time on the market, they did not have the extremely small size that have now and were also of insignificant weight. At first they were quite large and heavy to carry around. But in this field the electronics and service providers like Stright Talk made great strides passing within a few years the old tacs network, based on an analog transmission system, to the far more powerful digital network gsmumts before and after with considerable enlargement of the technological possibilities, from sending text messages sms and mms prior to the possibility of video calls to other users, watching television with video phones and surf the internet with the latest generation of smartphones.

The specific absorption rate or SAR is a value that indicates the power level absorbed by radio frequencies by the human body as it is exposed for a time longer or shorter to an electromagnetic field. At lower values ​​of Sar it has a lower heating of tissues that guarantees a lower risk to health. A purchased mobile phones is a well-established habit for years involving more and more people. When they came out with the first models in the second half of 1990 mobile phones prices were very high and not yet exist rechargeable formulas, consumers was forced to enter into a subscription agreement with the wireless carrier. But today, Consumers have the right to choose their service providers. And not surprisingly, most of the consumers choose Straight Talk, because of their great deals.

The technology was initially analog type tacs. With this system, the transmissions in each radio cell occurred at different frequencies to enable the coexistence of adjacent cells, but there were various limitations including that of being able to convey at the same time, by each radio station, only a limited number of telephone calls making it impossible to make calls during peak traffic times. Also you could not have, in addition to voice communications, additional services such as sending SMS, fax and email. But today companieslike Straight Talk- a leading network provider is paving the way of smartphone use and networks.

Also there was a high risk of mobile phone cloning by altering the identification code and phone calls could be made in that particular area. After a few years they were launched on the market, the first mobile gsm phone entered. The prices of gsm mobile phones often vary downward as a result of new UMTS phones with more and new features that cause discounts phones on models considered outdated. Most of the network were also horrible and calls could only be made at certain ‘points’. Today, Straight Talk, which is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits, can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Reasons to buy Straight Talk

Steve Hilton was a strategy director role alongside David Cameron and had a life of commitments; messages sent and received, and many phone calls. In 2012 the change of his life happened: he left London, landed in the United States and gave up the instrument par excellence, the mobile phone. Contrary to what we may think, during these years “Smartphone-free”, Hilton does not remember to have experienced particular difficulties: He has always managed to be a good CEO, an attentive father, a husband and a friend present.

Only on one occasion was he tempted to return to his previous life, after confusing the meeting place established with an important client and, his partner had tried to convince him to return to the old ways but he is still phone free. He however adds, “There is only a tiny, mild regret: not being able to book an Uber in case of need.”

Sure, life without a Straight Talk Smartphone can be blissful sometimes but in this day and age, it does bring a heavy burden. Phones are useful, Straight Talk lists out three out of the hundreds of reasons to use a cell phone. On zip2save.com, we have a special straight talk promo code that we regularly recommend to our visitors, Straight talk has been a leading cellphone company caring about health issues posed by mobile phones.

Don’t get lost: One reason for buying a cell phone is to avoid getting hopelessly lost. There are three ways that this can be accomplished. First, some phones now come with locator features that would guide the user back to familiar territory. Second, children’s mobile phones can be equipped to be track-able in case they are lost. Their parents can then have a way to find them. The third way people can get back on the right track is the somewhat old-fashioned way. If you are going to someone’s house, you can call them if you get lost. You don’t have to find a phone booth.

Emergencies: A second reason for having a cell phone is to use in case of emergencies. It is vital to get help as soon as possible if you are in a dire situation. The best way to reach someone that can respond to the crisis is to phone them.

Help people: A third major reason for buying a cell phone is that you can help others when they are in need. A good example of this is when you see a car wreck along the highway.

But just having a phone is not the answer to every problems, it is about choosing the right service provider. Alex Quiambo, a 25 year old university student, recently wanted to come out from his “phone free” life and was looking for the perfect provider, after researching for a while, He decided on Straight Talk.

Out of the many great reasons, one of the reason people like Alex choose Straight Talk is because Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits.

V2 Cigs Conspiracy Theory


In recent weeks the ads for electronic cigarettes like the V2 electronic cigarette has bloomed in the French mass media. TV, radio, press, billboards have all been involved. But who is behind these unknown brands of vapers, of which there is no product in specialty stores, and yet seem to have millions for their advertisements? The answer is Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco. While more than a million French people have managed to get out of tobacco through “free and independent” products, multinationals of death by inches stretch their claws to try to recover their flock, at least to quell the trend of smokers continuing to escape the habit. But in France, it does not work! The average consumer seems to eschew tobacco industry products.

Why? Many reasons:

First, manufacturers are naturally based on their historical distribution network as tobacconists. Unfortunately marketers, not only do not understand the product, but they mostly have no desire to sell it. The cigarette is much simpler, faster and more profitable. For older smokers, especially the young people, the electronic cigarette like V2 cigs are more interesting than conventional cigarettes (too expensive, too cumbersome).

Second, the network of shops specializing in vapers developed in France, and consumers rather succumb to the reflex to go and get good advice. Perhaps also a symbolic way to quit smoking by not setting foot with the tobacconist.

Third, because with a few clicks on the Internet, it is very easy to find forums, blogs or Facebook’s vapers groups. There, the neophyte will quickly explain that tobacco industry products are too expensive, poor in quality, and it is better, in fact, go to a specialty store to find innovative and efficient equipment, liquids of superior quality and at the right price. Ensuing will be exchanges to properly use the equipment, master the techniques, sharing of experience. For help to stop smoking, really something that V2 cigs are designed for.
The tobacco industry is thus breaking teeth on the French market. Millions of advertising investment does not seem to change things.

The Nanny State to the rescue: why and how?

It’s pretty surreal, but the French government does not seem to appreciate the development of the vaper, much less what happens outside the “tobacco system” with “independent” economic actors. Cynics explain that smokers are needed to balance the budget; 14 billion per year. The greedy remember that the business of cancer is handsomely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry and some research centers. Fewer smokers mean fewer cancer patients. Philosophers philosophize on the frustration of the elites not to be the cause of the limitation of a finally effective, or worse, on the unacceptability that pleasure can replace price of suffering to pay (usually) to stop smoking.

Still, whatever the reasons, it was decided up there, quickly restrain the development of the electronic cigarette like the V2 cigs, and since it is now too late to prohibit it to entrust the residual trade in the tobacco industry. It is hoped in the medium term to re-channel the market, probably for better control and taxing. For some smoky brains, vapers may be a form of compensation for the industry and tobacconists, if tobacco sales were to fall one day.
The maneuver is simple enough to understand. It is based on measurements on the electronic cigarette in the new legislation to modernize our health system. Based on an assumption, considering the vaper as a tobacco product. From this incredible lie, anything goes.

Advertising bans and prohibition of “propaganda” (forums, blogs, social networks) or how to stifle independent actors, discernment and the user experience. The ban on vapers in the office and in public spaces will not only hide the better nature of vapers for smokers, incidentally, some ex-smokers will return to smoking, the direct opposite of the aim of electronic cigarettes like the V2 cigs.

The government will also enact the transposition of Directive European tobacco, a text written under the dictation of the tobacco industry and regulates the products in limiting performance, capacities and distribution methods. Provisions that correspond exactly with the types of outdated and inefficient products that are desperately trying to sell tobacco giants with their advertisements.

Interested in reading more? Go to our V2 cigs guide where you’ll find a list of coupons and resources to keep your costs down as you quit smoking.